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W H Fisk - signature

W H Fisk (christian names as yet unknown) provided at least two illustrations for the work:

The Illustrated Book of Sacred Poems. Edited by the Rev. Robert H Baynes M.A., Vicar of S. Michael, Coventry, Editor of “Lyra Anglicana,” &c. Illustrated by J.D. Watson [ i.e. John Dawson Watson], H. C. Selhous [i.e. Henry Courtney Selhous], E. M. Wimperis [i.e. Edmund Morison Wimperis], H. Pixis, M. E. Edwards [i.e. Mary Ellen Edwards], R. P. Leitch [i.e. Richard Principal Leitch], W. Small [ i.e. William Small], R. T. Pritchett [i.e. Robert Taylor Pritchett], T. Macquoid [i.e. probably Thomas Robert Macquoid], J. W. North [i.e. John William North]. 

Fisk is not mentioned on the title page. However, there are two ilustrations in this book, signed by him.

The first accompanies, on page 76, the poem: And there was no more sea, by Joseph Truman. The first verse of this poem reads:

 There shall be no more sea.
O mightiest imager of unrest and change,
That through thy wold-wide halls dost darkling range,
Deep must the calm seem, and the comfort strange, Where thou mayest never be!

Fisk provides an illustration showing a lady, cling to high rocks, above a swirling, stormy, sea. Her hair and clothes are swept back behind her by the force of the wind. His signature is at the bottom.


The second illustration accompanies the poem by Harriet McEwen Kimball, The Guest. whose first verse reads:

Speechless sorrow sat with me;
I was sighing wearily;
Lamp and fire were out: the rain
Wildly beat on the window-pane.
In the dark I hear a knock;
And a hand was on the lock;
One in waiting spake to me,
Saying sweetly,
"I am come to sup with thee!"

For this poem, Fisk draws the figure of Jesus, knocking at the door of the dwelling. His signature is at the bottom left hand side of the page. In the Victorian Web, a close up of this print is given.

A copy of this work is in the British Library, shelf mark, 11651k3. See:


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