Friday, 25 July 2014

Monogram of Paul Gray

The monogram "PG" , illustrated below, is the frontispiece of Tom Hood's Jingles and Jokes...This is likely to be that of Paul Mary Gray, whose life is more fully described in the Library Ireland website.

Hood, Thomas, the Elder. Jingles and jokes for the little folks. Illustrated by C.H.Bennett [i.e. Charles Henry Bennett],  W. Brunton [i.e William Brunton], Paul Gray, and T. Morten [i.e Thomas Morten]. London: Cassell, Petter and Galpin, Ludgate Hill, E.C. [1865]. The illustrations are signed with the monograms or the signatures of Paul Gray, Thomas Morten, William Brunton, Charles Henry Bennett. They are signed: “Linton” or “Linton Sc.” [i.e William James Linton]. 

This copy is in the De Beaumont collection, British Museum, P & D 1992,0406.129. 

Another copy of this work is at the British Library shelf mark  11648cc40. You can view a full description of the cover design by John Leighton for this work at the British library database of bookbindings at:

Another copy with the same design on paper covers is at the British Library shelf mark 12807f53.

All these three copies have a wonderful, humorous cover design by John Leighton.

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